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Общественная жизнь в Иркутской области

An immigration attorney knows the requirements for immigrant and employer

Houston, 14.01.21 (Teleinform), - PERM Labor certification will suit almost anyone and is a very affordable way to immigrate with the assistance of e visa attorney. There are no requirements for the applicant. It is not necessary to have higher education (as for visa H1-B). You do not have to be a millionaire and invest in the U.S. economy (as for EB-5 and E-2 visas). You do not need to be persecuted (as for asylum). You do not need to have a U.S. fiancé or bride (as for immigration through marriage). However, you need an employer who is interested in you and is willing to pay money and wait for you. That is, you can be a coach in equestrian sports, a marketer, a programmer, a nanny, a stylist, an engineer, a musician, at least a gardener - and have no problem getting a green card through a houston labor certification attorney.

Everyone who has arms, legs, and head can find a good and full job

Anyone can do PERM labor certification if there are the right employer and a person with the right set of knowledge, that is an immigration lawyer in Houston. Immigration attorney Texas helps to immigrate through labor certification. The employer can even be a small company. The main thing is that it is a real, working business that has a profit, passes tax returns, hires employees.

How does the process work?

The immigrant receives a green card (U.S. residence permit) based on employment. The first stage is the PERM labor certification itself, obtaining a certificate from the Labor Department. Then the employer submits a petition for a person, and after it is approved, the immigrant himself applies for the green card.

Terms of moving through the labor certification.

One year and three months elapse between the submission of documents for labor certification and obtaining a work permit. It will take another year to get a green card. These are approximate terms. The worst option for an immigrant is if the employer changed his mind or found someone else before 5 months have passed since the petition was filed. It will be attached to a specific application with a certain surname only after five months. Before that, the employer may look for a specialist, but does not yet know who exactly it will be. And only after five months, he should have in front of him a specific candidate whose surname is inscribed.

Сергей Шмидт - авторские колонки об Иркутске. Еженедельно
Сергей Шмидт - авторские колонки об Иркутске. Еженедельно
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